“Alice is such a beautiful person. She gave me the support and confidence to achieve my goals as a dancer. With Alice’s international experience, it helped in finding suitable auditions, preparing my CV and assisting in filming audition material. Her professional coaching helped me develop and highlight my strengths preparing me for company auditions overseas. Her holistic approach looked after my mental and physical wellbeing. Whilst I was travelling, it was reassuring knowing she was there for me and really cared. I highly recommend Alice to any dancer, at any stage of their dance journey”

- Indigo, graduate ballet student


“As a student currently in my final year of training, I came to Alice feeling quite overwhelmed, with very little idea about how I could give myself the best chance to make the transition from preprofessional to professional dancer. Alice is very easy to chat with, and was able to give me answers for many of the questions I had, as well as those I hadn’t even realised I should be asking. The most significant thing I have so far gained by working with onPointe consulting, is an invaluable sense of clarity about the steps I need to take both on a daily basis, and over the course of the year, to put myself in the best position possible to achieve my goals.”

- Kailtin, full time ballet student


“Alice is so lovely and down to earth, and she gave me with a great insight into the world of ballet outside Australia. She provided me with invaluable knowledge and advice in preparing for company auditions, as well as her CV service being a worthwhile investment, with the professionalism of it standing out at auditions. Working with Alice gave me the tools and encouragement needed to embark on my next steps towards my dance career”

- Natalie, full time ballet student

“When I found onPointe consulting service for my daughter, I felt that the gap in ballet training was now filled. Having lived the life of a ballerina, worked in multiple companies and navigated the different stages all dancers must work through in their career, Alice has a unique perspective she brings to her career guidance and mentoring/coaching service. Hours in the studio might be the best way to help your child prepare for the job market, but career planning is a quality investment that has given clarity and made the hard work smarter not harder.”

- Marzia, grateful mother


"Words really can’t express how grateful I am for your help in supporting my daughter. I appreciate your advice, coaching, experience and positive influence. I know my daughter has loved working with you, and was comfortable with you from the start. Thank you for allowing her to stay in touch, your ongoing mentoring is very valuable to us."

- Tracey, mother of pre-professional ballet student

“Alice’s coaching is very clear, enjoyable and the exercises are beautifully demonstrated – I have no problem understanding the concepts she is trying to impart. Through working with her, my alignment, placement and understanding of technique has improved exponentially, and I have become a more confident and aware dancer. Thank you Alice for inspiring me!”

- Sherry, ballet student