I work flexibly and tailor my sessions to suit each individual, providing guidance and support based on what I learnt when I was in your position. I am located in Melbourne, Australia and work with local students in person where possible, or work remotely with interstate and international students.

Topics we cover may include:

  • in-studio goal setting
  • maximising you training and complimenting it with additional support (eg. pilates)
  • understanding the pre-professional and professional ballet industry
  • audition guidance - where to approach, how to go about it
  • CV writing
  • CV photo shoots and video sessions
  • preparing for an audition
  • making initial contact with schools or companies
  • getting private auditions
  • scheduling your auditions
  • tailoring your look for each audition
  • organising an audition tour


In addition, I provide private classical ballet assessment and coaching sessions. 

It can be helpful to work with someone who doesn't know your strengths and weaknesses like your teacher does. I offer assessment sessions where we sit down together and talk about where you think you excel, and where you think your weaknesses are. After an informal assessment of your classwork, I can provide feedback about where I think you are at, and we can see whether this aligns with your own perspective. Should you wish to work further with me in studio, I offer private coaching sessions on request.