The DANCE world can be daunting. you put your heart and soul into your training, WORK through injuries, and deal with immense physical and mental pressure. people in the 'normal world' don't always understand, and you can easily feel a bit lost. 

onPointe consulting aims to empower dance students to achieve their goals by helping them gain clarity, confidence and direction.

Whether you are a student, a pre-professional dancer thinking of moving into full time training, or are finishing your training and looking towards a professional career, onPointe can help you clarify your goals and establish a plan that helps you achieve them. If you’re a parent of an elite dancer, onPointe is here to help you navigate the dance world so you can best support your child.

It is important to acknowledge that luck plays a large role in this process: what you can do is approach it with courage, determination, self-belief and knowledge. Having a successful dance career is based on a combination of things, some of them in our hands and some not. For the things that are, I can help.